Teak Outdoor Furniture is a Great Choice


Outdoor makes all of the difference in the appearance and look of your house. The furniture will provide many enjoyable moments such as having your coffee on a warm spring morning. Think how relaxing it would be to go outside and sit for 30 minutes to start your day. Backyard furniture also can provide elegance for any social event with family or friends.

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What makes the backyard furniture so versatile is the wide variety of different furniture pieces that are available. Backyard furniture comes in different configurations such as benches, tables, chairs footrests, and coffee tables. All of these furniture pieces come in unique designs, styles, and are constructed in a variety of different materials. Most backyard furniture is made from bamboo and teak, iron aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, and steel.

When selecting wood, teak wood is the most often chosen. People select teak even though it is more expensive than bamboo. Teak is found in the tropical monsoon forests of southeast Asia. It is considered to be a tropical hardwood. Teak grows relative tall with large trunks and it is a deciduous (shedding) foliage. Because teak has some weather-resistant properties it is considered an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Teak is also valuable because it contains some natural oils that make coating the finished product unnecessary.

Old teak or teak from older forests is more valuable because it is not prone to water damage as easily as young teak wood. Teak is such a fine wood it just naturally lends itself to being handled by wood craftsmen. An experienced craftsman can create teak furniture that highlights the workmanship and the natural beauty of the wood.

Teak outdoor furniture will maintain the attractive beauty of the furniture and remain very sturdy and durable for a long period of time. When in contact with metal teak is rust-resistant and will resist corrosion. If you are able to afford the pride, teak furniture may be your best buy because of the beauty and durability of the pieces.

Teak was originally available in a soft golden color. Over time this color will change to a soft silver color. To restore the golden color simply clean the furniture and apply a small amount of teal oil and the original color is back.

Teak outdoor furniture includes benches, tables, planters, chairs, ornaments, and lamps for the poolsides, backyards, parks, gardens, and deck decorations. Teak outdoor furniture will enhance any garden or outdoor settings. Teak patio furniture is available in the same type of pieces and configurations as outdoor furniture.

When you purchase teak furniture you will need to consider factors like the quality of wood, size, style, comfort, and the price. If you do your proper research you should be able to locate a huge array of attractive and elegant teak furniture at reasonable prices. For people who have a larger budget, it is also possible to buy custom-built teak furniture that you will enjoy. Teak furniture works well in hotels and banks so it might also be a source for used teak furniture.

One of the great features of teak furniture is that it can be used with or without a pillow or cushions. If teak outdoor furniture is properly maintained teak will look great and will even continue to look new for a number of years. All teak furniture can be cleaned by using mild soap and water.

Here are useful tips for maintaining your furniture:

* Don’t ever pressure wash your teak furniture. You also do not want to use any type of metal abrasive around your furniture.
* Do not use any type of stiff wire brush around teal. This can damage the wood and destroy the appearance.
* The safest method of cleaning would be soap and water and a sponge or soft rag.
* If in the course of time a stain appears on the wood, use very fine grade sandpaper and lightly buff the stain out.
* If the teak naturally ages over time, then the sanding method should be able to restore the original color.
* You can finish your teak furniture in any number of different ways such as wood sealer, painting the furniture, staining your furniture, or simply us a teak oil to protect the finish.

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