Metal Outdoor Furniture is Very Dependable


The term metal outdoor furniture is actually a fairly large category consisting of furniture made from wrought iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. The most important characteristic about metal furniture is that if properly maintained it will last an extremely long time. Most metal furniture today is protected by some sort of rust or weather resistant coating which helps in maintaining the furniture finish.


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The majority of metal outdoor furniture is made from aluminum. It is resistant to weather and is lightweight enough to be easily moved. It works really well by poolsides or anywhere were lounge chairs or collapsible chairs are used.

Wrought iron is another metal used in outdoor furniture. The biggest advantage of this type of furniture is the weight. It works really well in conditions that can get to be a little windy. It is also hardy when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

One of the best things about metal furniture is the versatility in appearance. Metal furniture can be created by design to be truly unique and by adding pillows and cushions you can create a once in a lifetime look. The primary colors of metal furniture are black or white but you can get furniture in almost any color.

Metal furniture is creating by one of several methods. It may be welded, casting, extrusion, or forging:

* Welded furniture is simply putting together the furniture pieces and the welding them in place. After the welding is done the individual welds must be ground down so that there are no sharp edges on the piece. Welding is a very labor-intensive method of putting together.

* In casting furniture, the metal is heated until molten, then poured int a specific shape mold to cool. The cast pieces are assembled using the welding method.

* In the extrusion method the molten metal is then forced down tubes in order to produce their specific shapes. These furniture pieces are then assembled by welding.

* Forging is probably the most common method of making no aluminum metal furniture. In this process, the metal is heated and then hammered into the various shapes and designs fro the furniture piece. This is where the term “wrought” was used to describe this product. The furniture is then assembled by welding or bolting the pieces together to produce the furniture.

Most metal furniture produced today is either aluminum or wrought iron.

Here are some pros and cons of aluminum furniture

Pros Can be moved easily, easy to store, less expensive, the fabric can be repaired
Cons: Tends to be less sturdy, easily rusts, Not really attractive

Here are the pros and cons of wrought iron furniture:

Pros of wrought iron furniture:

Wrought iron furniture is heavy and is stable in almost any environment.
Can be treated rust and weather-resistant coatings to stand up to the harsh weather environment

Cons of wrought iron furniture:
Heavy and difficult to move.
Tends to be more expensive.
After brief popularity of aluminum, almost all outdoor furniture sold today is made with wrought iron.

Some tips when buying metal outdoor furniture:
Maintenance is important. How much work is it going to take to maintain your furniture in good order?

* Check the chairs and tables. Make sure the armrest are comfortable and not too low or high. The same goes for the chair height.

* Check the table height, too low or high will be uncomfortable.

* Make sure all of the welds and connectors have been finished properly. There are no jagged or sharp edges.

For outdoor or backyard living areas, metal furniture is a great choice. Note: you are going to have to take care of your backyard furniture properly.

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